DIY Meeting Facilitation Support

Meeting Planning Help

You’ve got an important meeting that needs to deliver. You would like to hire a facilitator to run it for you, but decide it would be best to do it yourself. Still, you need some help to get it right. That’s when our “DIY Meeting Facilitation Support” service can prepare you to lead an amazing meeting, one that attendees will remember as engaging and productive.

Service Options

We provide as much or as little help as you want. The following represents the continuum from least involved to most.

Quick check

When all you want is a quick reaction to your plan, email us your agenda. We’ll look it over and offer our reactions and suggestions. If what we see leaves us with questions about how something’s going to work, we share those questions with you so that you can tighten up your plan.

Phone consultation

In addition to what happens during the quick check, here we get on the phone for up to an hour to discuss your goals, talk about the agenda, and offer suggestions for making it better. We might even suggest not doing the meeting at all, and offer ideas for a much less expensive way to meet your objectives. It’s a collaborative process of you and us figuring out the best way to make your meeting a success.

Agenda/facilitation plan development

If you need more help than what we can provide during the quick check and phone consultation offerings, then this option is for you. You tell us what you want to accomplish. Provide us with the ideas you have in whatever state they might be. We’ll use that to create a detailed “meeting in a box” for you. You’ll get an agenda you can provide your participants. More importantly, you’ll get a detailed plan that provides specific instructions on how to run your meeting. The plan will include activities, questions, cautions, and timing.

Onsite Evaluation

Another related service that isn’t on the continuum, but falls in the same area is to provide you with feedback and recommendations for improving a recurring meeting that isn’t working as well as you want.

For this service, we come onsite to sit in on a meeting or two. Following the session, we provide feedback on how to make it better. The feedback might include how to tighten up the purpose, change the process, better handle common problems, or style changes you should consider to strengthen your effectiveness as the leader.

It’s for people who want help getting a problem meeting back on track.

Purchase Options

There are two ways of gaining access to these services.

Custom pay-as-you-go: Contact us with your needs, we’ll send you an agreement for signature based on the list prices, and if it works for you, we’ll go to work.

Annual plan: This is a more cost effective, lower hassle way to use the services. We send one agreement, you pay an up-front annual fee that gives anyone in your organization access to the services. We provide the main three services at a discounted rate throughout the year. For an onsite evaluation, we’ll communicate the price prior to doing the work, so there are no surprises. There are too many variables to offer a standardized price. If you use up your prepayment, we’ll bill you each month for the remainder of the year based on what you used, again at the annual plan’s discounted rates as listed below:

It’s All About the Plan

Much of a meeting’s success is predetermined by the quality of the facilitation plan. If you or others in your company don’t have the time to do it right or if you want an expert opinion from someone who has led thousands of successful meetings, then this service is for you.