employee engagement

Helping You Make Strategic Level Change

We offer change management support for your most important initiatives

Change begins with an idea. Ideas represent potential. But the journey from inception to results is long and challenging. Our goal is to shorten the distance, build adoption, and lower disruption.

We cross industry, function & technology

Regardless of their work or technology, people needs tend to be the same. We have a range of services in our toolkit to help you move them in the right direction.

  • Readiness & risk assessment
  • Project goal-setting
  • Success measurement
  • Project team chartering
  • Communication plans
  • Leadership coaching
  • Conflict mediation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training plans
  • Teambuilding
  • Organization development
  • Executive retreats

Let’s start a conversation

  • It’s good to meet new people.
  • We can discuss the idea you are working on.
  • If there’s a fit, we’ll explore options.
Tom LaForce
Tom LaForce, President, LaForce Teamwork Inc.