The Change Series: Ease Workplace Transitions for Your Employees

Change management training

Let’s face it, if everything stayed the same, your job as leader would be pretty easy. You would just need to keep things moving forward. The problem is they don’t stay the same, and you’re the one who is supposed to get everyone to turn left or right when they really want to stay on their current path. Very few will ever claim change is easy, but it can be a whole lot easier if you make the right moves. This series helps you know what to do the next time you implement a major change.

How to Help Your Employees Deal with Losses

Change can be difficult because people experience it as a loss. Whether perceived, exaggerated, or right on the mark; people don’t like to lose. To be helpful, you need to understand the types of losses workplace change creates and what to do to reduce its negative impact.

In this session you’ll learn an exercise you can use with yourself or a group to identify and address losses.

How to Communicate a Change

Many of the problems that arise during major (and even minor) organizational changes can be traced back to ineffective communication. There are critical questions you must answer for employees.

When it’s your job to get employees moving in a new direction, this session addresses what and how to communicate, so that your team members understand the change and more quickly accept it, especially when you believe they won’t like it.

How to Help Employees Move Forward

While many employees initially struggle with change, most eventually work through their concerns and accept it. But not all. Some employees dig in and refuse to move forward. When this happens, you need to be ready to respond. The hard part is knowing what to do.

There are several strategies you can choose, depending on the situation. Learn how to pick the right one and use it with skill, so that your employees can make the changes you need.

How to Create a Change Ready Environment

Have you noticed some employees are much more flexible than others? Have you ever wondered why and more importantly what you might do to build that capability in all your employees?

Big changes won’t create nearly as much turmoil if your team learns to see change as normal and positive. This session helps you assess your team’s change readiness and identify specific steps you can take to increase it.