The Time Management Series: Up Your Personal Productivity

Regardless of the amount of work on your plate, you can be better or worse at dealing with it. The key is determining what needs to be done and what doesn’t, make quick decisions, say no with skill, and manage the email beast. After working your way through this series, you’ll be well-equipped for doing all of this and more.

How to Prioritize Your Work

It’s rare to find managers who tell you they don’t have enough to do. Instead, everyone claims to be swamped. If you’re one of these over-extended managers, setting and then focusing on the right priorities is a foundational success strategy.

Bring your to-do list. This session will help you assess how well you’re prioritizing and show you the steps to regain control over your workload.

How to Keep Risk from Freezing You in Place

One of the secrets to accomplishing a lot in your day is to simply keep moving forward. Your progress slows considerably when you encounter risk. At times you may find yourself completely mired.

When encountering a risky situation, it’s important to pause, assess, and then proceed based on your assessment. You want to avoid remaining in pause mode. This session will show you how to quickly and properly assess risk, so that your progress can continue.

How to Manage Commitments by Saying No

It shouldn’t be that hard. It’s a two letter word, N-O. And yet it is. Guilt keeps us from saying it, and when we do, guilt creates regrets that cause undue emotional strife which in turn affects our ability to operate effectively.

This session is all about determining when no is the right answer and giving you the confidence you need to say it.

How to Tame the Email Beast

Email was supposed to make our lives easier, right? What happened? It has become a bottomless pit that consumes unbelievable amounts of time each work day.

Email is a tool. It can help you. In this session learn the techniques the pros use to make email work for them, rather than against them. Walk away with a plan you can implement the minute you return to your desk.