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Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

All employees must receive training within 6 months of hire.
The training must be refreshed every 2 years.
All employees must receive 2 hours of training. This is twice as much content as the next closest state.
sexual harassment training requirements

Our Award-Winning Courses Exceed the Requirements

Respect-focused: Emphasizes positive actions employees can take to contribute to a respectful workplace.
Modular: Mix and match courses to meet your unique requirements. Change them out each year to keep it interesting.
Efficient: Short courses of 8-12 minutes are distributed and tracked through your LMS.
Effective: Engaging and interactive content will grab your employees’ attention and change behaviors.
Affordable: Use as many courses as you want for one low price. Save with volume and multi-year discounts.
Accessible: Do training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
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Topic Recommendations

These are the courses for your Connecticut employees.


Employee sexual harassment training

Non-supervisory employees should take these courses.

Identifying Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Stop Harassment in Its Tracks
Connecticut Legal Supplement
Champion Civility
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Unconscious Bias
Digital Sexual Harassment
Working It Out
Dating at Work


Manager sexual harassment training

Leaders need these course to help them monitor the environment and respond to problems.

Expect the Best
Receiving Complaints
Corrective Action
Establishing Respect Norms
Coaching Conversations
Plus first 5 courses from employee list

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