Online Sexual Harassment Training That Will Engage Your Employees

Our ever-growing catalog of courses will help you cover your HR compliance training needs. They raise awareness, increase knowledge, change behaviors, and comply with federal, state, and local requirements.

The Respectful Workplace Toolkit

This brand new set of courses offers a more positive approach to old-school sexual harassment prevention training.

Create a culture that promotes a positive and respectful workplace while meeting state and local sexual harassment training requirements. Inspire and enable your employees to do the right thing by treating coworkers with dignity and respect.

Mix and match courses to provide just the right program to meet your organization’s needs.

Watch the video below to view scenes from The Respectful Workplace Sexual Harassment Training.

Video clips from The Respectful Workplace Toolkit

Harassment Prevention Training Courses for Employees and Managers


Creating and maintaining a healthy and respectful workplace requires everyone working together. Watch your way through a series of short courses that will help you determine what discrimination and harassment in the workplace looks like, what to do if you experience it, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Identifying Discrimination

Understanding workplace discrimination, including what it is, who is protected and how to identify it, gives you the background you need to be a positive force for workplace respect.

Sexual Harassment

Create a respectful workplace by learning to recognize what is considered sexual harassment, how to prevent it from happening and the steps to take if you see or experience sexual harassment.

Stop Harassment in Its Tracks

Learn how to tell someone to stop harassing you, how to respond if someone asks you to stop behaving in a certain way, and how to seek assistance by reporting the behavior.

Champion Civility

Learn how to make positive actions to support workplace civility and respect, including bystander intervention.

Unconscious Bias

Learn what unconscious bias is, ways to make your own biases visible, and how to minimize the negative impact your unconscious bias has on your relationships with coworkers.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Learn the benefits diversity brings to your team, how you can identify and encourage diversity, and how to support an inclusive work environment.

Working it Out

Learn five conflict resolution strategies and when to apply each, and a process for working with another person to resolve a conflict.

Dating at Work

Learn about the risks associated with dating coworkers, how to lower those risks and how to recognize the risks of engaging in supervisor/employee relationships.

Digital Sexual Harassment

Learn that in addition to email; harassment can be done via text messages, chat, forums, article comments, social media, video and photo sharing, and even phone calls.

Remote Workplace Harassment for Employees

Learn the harassment risks associated with remote work, what you can do to prevent and respond to harassment, and how to set a good example with your behavior along with acting when you experience problems, either directed at you or others.

Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality Industry

Learn why hospitality industries have a greater risk for sexual harassment. You’ll learn actions you can take to protect yourself and coworkers, and understand your manager’s responsibilities, and more importantly how they can help.


This course is to be applied at the end of all courses for a quick acknowledgement to imply your understanding of the course material presented.

Harassment Training Compliance Courses for Managers

Manage for Respect – Expect the Best

Understand the leadership role you have in preventing harassment and doing what you can to proactively create a healthy workplace culture, built on respect.

Manage for Respect – Receiving Complaints

Learn how to effectively listen to an employee’s concerns and ensure you handle all workplace complaints with skill and professionalism.

Manage for Respect – Corrective Action

After becoming aware of harassment; the company has an obligation to investigate, draw conclusions, and take appropriate action that resolves the problem.

Manage for Respect – Coaching Conversations

Learn how to have effective one-on-one conversations about respect, including how to skillfully tackle objections and defensive responses.

Manage for Respect – Establishing Respect Norms

Learn how to collaboratively develop a set of respect norms for your group, reinforce behavior that supports the norms and intervene when more work needs to be done.

Remote Workplace Harassment

Learn, as a manager, how to prevent and respond to harassment in a remote work environment. Specifically, you’ll learn how to set clear expectations, monitor the work environment, and respond to problems.

Legal Supplements

As states and cities pass laws that mandate training and spell out specific requirements, we create supplements that you can use with your employees in those specific states. Learn more about each state’s specific requirements.

Need Help Setting Up HR Compliance Training?

If you’ve never rolled out this sort of training before, you’ll want to read our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Implementation Guide for HR Managers. Or if you prefer, download a copy in PDF format.

Sexual harassment training guide

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