Microlearning for Your Sales Team

Vado’s ever-growing catalog of courses include two dozen microlearning courses designed to help your sales force increase individual performance.

Courses are grouped into toolkits. By taking all the courses in a toolkit, your sales representatives build a comprehensive set of skills around that topical area.

Sales Training Course Offerings

Here are the toolkits. The number represents the individual courses contained within it.

  • Conducting Great Online Demos & Sales Calls (3 courses)
  • Relationship Selling (9 courses)
  • Predictable Revenue (12 courses)

These courses are continuously updated, so you can be confident you are providing your employees with current thinking in a format that reflects the times.

How to Buy

If there’s a topical area that supports your company’s current objectives, I’d be happy to send you course descriptions.

You can purchase a single course, a bundle of courses, you own custom bundles, or take advantage of buffet-style pricing discounts by making more courses available to your employees.

Schedule a discovery call. We’ll discuss your talent management objectives and determine how to help best meet them.