Microlearning for Your Frontline Employees

Vado’s ever-growing catalog of courses include more than 150 microlearning courses designed to help your frontline staff build the skills needed to increase personal performance, strengthen communication and teamwork, as contribute to your organization’s long-term success.

Courses are grouped into bundles and toolkits. By taking all the courses in a bundle or toolkit, your employees build a comprehensive set of skills around that topical area.

Frontline staff course bundles

Here are the bundles. The number represents the individual courses contained within it.

Basic Business Skills (10)

Become a Contributing Project Team Member (9)

Building Your Career (8)

Building Your Leadership Skills (10)

Communicating Technical Information (4)

Communicating with Others (5)

Creating Great Work (5)

Customer Service Basics (7)

Design Thinking (8)

Developing for Success (10)

Developing Work Relationships (7)

Increasing Your Contribution at Work (8)

Personal Behaviors and Conduct (7)

Starting a New Job (7)

You and Your Boss (5)

Text and Email Etiquette (3)

How to Work Successfully from Home (3)

Process and Quality Improvement (3)

Writing to Get Things DoneĀ® (12)

Please note that these courses are continuously updated, so you can be confident you are providing your employees with current thinking in a format that reflects the times.

Customer Engagement Toolkit

This training focuses on the skills needed to engage customers and keep them. Every employee can regularly use a reminder about how to to this. The toolkit contains five courses:

  1. Engaging the Customer
  2. Selling by Suggestion
  3. 10 Principles of Customer Service
  4. Customer Loyalty and the Trust Continuum
  5. Managing Customer Complaints.

Workforce Readiness Toolkit

This toolkit contains six courses and is focused on helping employees new to work gain some fundamental skills on which they can build their longterm success.

  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Managing Workday Stress
  3. Managing Your Time
  4. Negotiating (Striving for a Win-Win)
  5. Workplace Communication
  6. Work Habits and Success

How to buy

If there’s a topical area that supports your company’s current objectives, I’d be happy to send you course descriptions.

Also I can work with you to devise learning tracks that make sense based on what you want to achieve. We may also combine these with in-person instruction, individual coaching, and additional stretch assignments to maximize the learning impact.

You can purchase a single course, a bundle of courses, your own custom bundles, or take advantage of buffet-style pricing discounts by making more courses available to your employees.

Schedule a discovery call. We’ll discuss your talent management objectives and determine how to help best meet them.