Microlearning for Leaders

Vado’s ever-growing catalog of courses include more than 250 microlearning courses designed for supervisors, managers and leaders who are responsible for leading, coaching, and inspiring employee performance.

These courses will help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to organization success.

Courses are grouped into bundles and toolkits. By taking all the courses in a bundle or toolkit, your leaders build a comprehensive set of skills around that topical area.

Management Course Offerings

Here are the bundles and toolkits. The number represents the individual courses contained within it.

Building Trust and Respect (5)

Coaching Career Development (6)

Communication Skills (8)

Conflict Management Skills (5)

Creating Teamwork (5)

Customer Service Management (8)

Delegating Work (5)

Coaching Employees (8)

Discussing Total Compensation (5)

Giving Great Feedback (5)

Employee Engagement (8)

Leadership Essentials (12)

Leading the Organization Strategy (8)

Management Essentials (15)

Managing for Success (12)

Meeting Management (5)

Onboarding New Employees (18)

Project Management (18)

Providing Resources for Success (8)

Recognizing Employees (5)

Retaining Your Employees (8)

Supervision Basics (8)

Bud to Boss (20)

Performance Management & Development (8)      

Remote Leadership (18)

The Stay Interview (12)

totalViewâ„¢ Behavior Based Interviewing (6)

These courses are continuously updated, so you can be confident you are providing your employees with current thinking in a format that reflects the times.

How to Buy

If there’s a topical area that supports your company’s current objectives, I’d be happy to send you course descriptions.

Also I can work with you to devise learning tracks that make sense based on what you want to achieve. We may also combine these with in-person instruction, individual coaching, and additional stretch assignments to maximize the learning impact.

You can purchase a single course, a bundle of courses, you own custom bundles, or take advantage of buffet-style pricing discounts by making more courses available to your employees.

Schedule a discovery call. We’ll discuss your talent management objectives and determine how to help best meet them.