Help Everyone Calm Down and Get Back to Work

A Short Workshop Restores Perpsective and Provides Stress-Relieving Tools

Your Employees Will Learn How To...

Identify Unique Stressors

Stressors aren't universal. What bothers one engergizes another. When employees know their triggers they can take preventive measures.

Recognize Stress Symptoms 

A little stress isn't a big deal. Chronic stress is. Before employees can react they must first know they are having stress symptoms. 

Apply Coping Skills to Relieve Pressure

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to forget about the stressors for awhile. There are many options your employee have to apply this strategy.

Solve Problems to Eliminate the Stressors

Another word for stressor is problem, and problems often can be solved. When the problem goes away, the stress does too.

Maintain Perspective By Changing Thoughts 

Stressful feelings are usually a result of thoughts. The most effective change employees can make is to how they think about challenges.

Adjust Life Style to Prevent Problems

When the same problems keep cropping up, it's time to think about making some significant changes to work habits or lifestyle. 

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