Meetings Are Expensive

Teach Leaders to Plan & Run Meetings That Create Value

Running successful meetings takes discipline, courage, and practice. We'll help you develop heroic meeting facilitators.

Your Leaders Can Learn to Facilitate Meetings Like a Pro

Our interactive workshops take the concepts from our book and show your leaders how to apply them to your unique meeting challenges

Meet for a Reason

Every meeting has clear goals that when achieved, create measureable value.

Build a Clever Plan

Goals aren't met with magic. They are achieved when leaders develop a workable plan. 

Get the Right Players

Each person is there for a reason, and everyone knows the role they need to play.

Manage Logistics

Time, place, and tech make a difference. The environment contributes to better results. 

Everyone Has a Say

The quiet ones chime in. The loud ones take a break. All views are respected and understood.

Meeting Hero

Engage Everyone

People are excited to be in this meeting, and their enthusiam ignites their best work.


The group breaks out of old patterns to explore new ideas and different assumptions.

Stay Focused

Time is money. Tangents are waste. Meetings stay on track and on time to get results.

Drive to Decision

Talk is for a reason. It leads to a decision that eventually becomes meaningful action.

Deal with Trouble

Weird stuff happens, and when it does, the group adjusts and moves forward.

Have It Your Way

Every circumstance is different. That's why over the years we've taught leaders to run successful meetings using an approach that perfectly fits what works best for them.

Which Option Works Best for You?

  • Group or one-on-one?
  • Small bursts or all-at-once?
  • Classroom or live action?

Here's Why We Should Talk

  • Bad meetings cost you real money.
  • Bad meetings zap employee morale. Nobody wants their time wasted. Nobody.
  • Complicated problems require group decision-making. For that you need a meeting.
  • Successful meetings build team spirit.
  • The call is free. We'll talk about your situation and the options for meeting your goals. 
Tom LaForce