Do Your Employees Know How to Talk with Each Other...

...and not start a fight?

Our workshops help employees build the skills and confidence they need to have tough conversations

Here are communication skills we can help your team master

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Express Wants and Needs

Your employees have ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams. Sharing these thoughts openly and honestly contributes to better problem solving and higher morale.

Provide Useful Feedback 

People need to know if they are on track---or not. Their coworkers can be a rich source of feedback. They simply need to know how and why to provide it.

Ask Effective Questions

Misunderstandings and assumptions create a lot of workplace problems. The antidote is asking the right question with tact and skill.

Listen to Fully Understand

Communication is a two-way street. If the goal is to improve understanding, then active listening is even more important than both talking and writing. 

Use Consistent Nonverbals

Tone, volume, gestures and expressions all matter. Knowing how to use body language to better communicate is critical to your employees' success.  

Receive Tough Messages

While your employees may say they want more feedback, their responses tell a different story. Receiving a tough message with skill requires know-how and practice.

Use Email Appropriately

Email is a useful tool, but it also presents many challenges. Employees need to know when to use it and how to help their messages be received as they intended.

Rediscover the Telephone

Texting and email might be the easy way to communicate with someone who isn't present, but often the telephone is a better choice.

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